Change your narrative exists to shift incomplete stories towards truth. Whether the story is yours or someone you care for – we welcome you to process with us and begin a journey towards wholeness. You deserve it and we are rooting for you to find it.



The key to change your narrative is to find the path. Change your narrative - the book - shares that process through easily accessible, actionable steps.

Whether you face a unique story, or your story includes one of our 8 key topics such as abuse, addiction, anxiety, bullying, depression, image matters, self-harm, or suicidal ideation. We want to come alongside of you and show you how to make the change. This book is your first step.

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Now that we have identified the path to wholeness with change your narrative - the book - let's learn how to process your story. No matter the topic you seek to shift, "i'm changing it" is our universal processing tool to help you learn how to write a new story through 20 actionable steps. Through interactive video-led discussions, exercises, and processing questions, we want to parter with you so you can say, "i'm changing it." and know what the journey looks like. 


If I were to take a step back into some of the more challenging times of my life, I remember longing for a way to process what I was going through. I desperately wanted to figure out how to make it through instead of feel desperate and overwhelmed because of the things were happening all around me. 

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I had to find ways to process in a healthy way which allowed for the honest sides of myself to collide with the truth my identity was not defined by anything which happened to me or anyone who made me feel less than. I was more. But it took a long journey to find it. 

Taking Back The Pen
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Hi, my name is Cassandra. Since 2016, my goal has been to create materials which shift incomplete stories towards truth. What does this mean? It means we take back the pen of the story of our life and change the narrative. 


When someone asks the question, “What do I do?” to me it signals there is a pause in a story, something is incomplete because the individual feels stuck. 


This can happen because they are working through a painful or challenging piece of their own story, just like I did at 17, or because they care for someone and don’t know what to do because they feel helpless to alter the story someone they care for is stuck in. 


But what if inspiration could be the first step to help each of us find the courage to learn what it means to change your narrative? 


At 14, a home life conflict entered my everyday world, I began to question my worth and if everything was my fault.


At 16, after internalizing things I had no control of, the world felt dark.

I was told I had clinical depression. Suicidal ideation became my constant companion.


At 17, a mentor took me to a weekend long event. For the first time, I heard a message of hope and began to realize I had something to live for and maybe I was worth more than I knew. 


At 18, I started a bachelor's degree in Psychology, & began to process my story with mentors and support staff. I also started to invest in the lives of young girls around me.


At 21, I received my bachelors in Psychology and started work at a national youth organization. For the next 7 years, I would criss-cross the nation, listening to stories of youth who had been just like me. 


At 28, I became a youth worker in my local community. No longer traveling every weekend, I began to invest deeply in students as they began to shape their lives. For the next 6 years, I walked with them on their journey towards wholeness.


At 32, I was no longer content to just listen to stories which needed guidance, I wanted to offer it. I began to research 8 core issues with the intent of creating content which could reach individuals with challenging backgrounds.


Change your narrative launches as a way for me to take the best of what was shared with me in my journey and point others towards wholeness.  


You may be asking yourself, "What do I do?" as you think about your own story. I believe you have what it takes to take back the pen and shift your story. Is it easy? No. But there is a path and I invite you to invest in yourself by seeking wholeness. 



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