change your narrative


Have you ever felt stuck in a story you didn’t want to be in? Change your narrative offers a pathway to process. Making the shift towards wholeness is possible, and we want to come alongside of you in your journey. Through writing prompts, and an Instagram® look and feel, change your narrative takes you through a guided process to take your first steps towards wholeness by learning how to take back the pen to the story of your life.


Pages: 112



I’m changing it


“I’m changing it” is the next step in the change your narrative journey. This workbook-style processing guide includes 20 action steps, which break apart the message of change your narrative into what one small thing you can do today. Not only that, through interactive videos, whose QR code links are included in the pages, each reader has access to the voice of a mentor, guiding them through each step – answering the question, “What does this concept mean for me?” And what do I hope this concept means for you?”


Pages: 157

Change Your Narrative + I'm Changing It