The change your narrative – resource guide collection – is a 282-page collection of resources, a which cover all 8 of our main topics. Inspirational and educational include:


  • What Is change your narrative?
  • How to use this resource collection
  • Pathway to wholeness worksheets
  • Wholeness resources
  • Abuse matters resources
  • Addiction matters resources
  • Anxiety matters resources
  • Bullying matters resources
  • Depression matters resources
  • Image matters resources
  • Self-Harm matters resources
  • Suicidal Ideation matters resources


Topics include discussions both for those who struggle and those who care for individuals who do. In addition, the complete collection of issue-based resource guides are included, such as:


  • How to build a safety plan
  • Resources for teenagers
  • Resources for families
  • Resources for men
  • Resources for teachers
  • Resources for ministry leaders
  • Community support options
  • Apps which support this issue


Pages: 282

Change Your Narrative - Resource Guide Collection