Addiction is a very real issue. Whether a substance abuse, drug, action, or behavior. The question, “What do I do?” deserves space to be surfaced and discussed. Through open dialogue, shame loses its power and a change can happen.


By building on the original “change your narrative” book, “change your narrative – addiction matters” begins by letting the reader know that we understand your story, by addressing some of the unique thoughts behind the topic of addiction. You are not alone. We want to come alongside of you in your journey. Through writing prompts, and an Instagram® look and feel, “change your narrative – addiction matters” takes you through a process to take your first steps towards wholeness by learning how to take back the pen to the story of your life. Learn how to process your story and make the shift away from addiction owning your identity and towards truth.


Pages: 136

Change Your Narrative - Addiction Matters

  • Topics include:

    • When Addiction Tries To Take The Pen
    • Learning You Are More
    • What Is A Narrative?
    • Taking Back The Pen
    • Victim Is Not My Nametag
    • What Is Truth?
    • How To Climb Out Of The Box
    • Breaking Cause And Effect
    • Journey Markers Of Wholeness
    • Schedule Silence
    • What If Tomorrow Was Stronger?
    • You Are Worth More
    • Failure Is Not Your Identity
    • Choosing Hope
    • You May Have To Fight A Battle More Than Once To Win It
    • Define Your Why
    • Fake It Till You Make It
    • Find Your "But"
    • How To Hold Onto Your New Normal
    • How To Find Support
    • Continue The Adventure