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Taking Back The Pen, 
every day.  

   We Are Having...

Mental Health Support

Road Crossing

How To Break Broken Mindsets

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How Do I Support Someone Who Struggles?

A Leader's  Role In Employee Wellness

Woman in Bed

I Feel Stuck. What Do I Do?

   A Question    Of Faith

It takes courage to author your own story. 


It is not easy to acknowledge pain or past brokenness and to tell it - you do not own me. 

But it is possible, and we want to show you how. 

Let Us Journey With You

Coaching Options: 

Image by Irene Strong

Go at your own pace: 

  • 20, pre-recorded sessions

  • All worksheets and processing pages

Introspective guidance to help you personally work through your story, enabling you to take back the pen to your own narrative.  

Happy Friends Laughing

train with a team: 

  • 6 live coaching sessions

  • personalized guidance for your cohort

  • Access to recordings

  • All worksheets and processing pages

Live mentorship and coaching to guide

you and your cohort on how to

reclaim your narrative.  

Taking Back
The Pen From...

Sunlight Portrait


What they did to you,

does not define you.

Crossing Brooklyn Bridge


The reason behind the desire to use needs surfaced and sorted. 


The fear you feel is not the end of your story. 



Your identity goes beyond  threats & cruelty.

Girl Behind a Curtain
Woman at Subway


Hope is waiting for you.    There is a path. 

Round Mirror

...Image Matters

Your worth is more than an external image. 


Your pain deserves to be validated.

Sitting on Balcony

...Suicidal Ideation

         What if there were a            path of hope?

Rocky Beach

What Others Are Saying

Woman in White Blouse


I found space to make my story my own.


Finding wholeness is a journey that is not meant to be done alone.

I finally have a road map.

Confident Woman


The entire experience resonated with me because I have thought of myself as the victim. But I now know it’s a process to step out of that mindset and start healing. 

What Does It Look Like To have A Narrative Coach? 



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