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Rocky Beach

Taking Back The Pen From Suicidal Ideation

What if there were a           

path of hope?

Understanding Suicidal Ideation

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This is hard to understand,

what should I know about it? 

Building a mental health

safety plan

Sometimes I struggle, 

what do I do?

Myths about 


Interrupt The Narrative Of Suicidal Thought

What if....

It may feel like vain hope to ask, "What if tomorrow was stronger than yesterday?" I only ask you this question, because I discovered it was. There were a lot of days between my then and my now - and many were not easy. But my future became something I first learned to manage, then discovered how to find direction, and then thrive in connection. I invite you to join me in that narrative. 

How We Can Support You

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Group Coaching

Join a Cohort.



Starting Your Journey. 

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Video Mentorship

Go at your pace.

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Free Resource Guides

  Find Immediate Support.

How To Support Those Wrestling Suicidal Thought

Tackling The Question: "What do I do if someone shares about suicidal thoughts?" 

Wrestling The Question: "How do I help someone facing mental health struggles?" 

Working Together

Train The Trainer

Receive Training



Get Guidance


Video Coaching

Learn When You Can

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Free Resource Guides

Point To Help

Fight The Narrative Of Suicidal Thought

Choosing Hope

To risk a belief in hope does not come without a cost. Suicidal thoughts stem from broken trust, invalidated pain, and a severed sense of hope. 

But it does not mean it is impossible to find it again. Hope which is rooted in reality, yet still allows room for a positive "What if?" gives way to a hopeful third option. That option just might lead the way to a new narrative. 

Suicidal Ideation Is Impacting My Story,
What Support Exists?

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Support For You

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Support For Them

At Change Your Narrative,

We Exist To Point Incomplete

Stories Toward Hope

Each Booklet Unpacks

One Question, Guiding You

To Immediate Solutions

Free resource guides


Resource Downloads


Interactive Guides

I believe it is valuable to pair text with the voice of a guide. This is why I include videos inside the pages. This is done via hyperlinks in eBooks and QR codes in print materials. 

These video-based messages reach audiences in ways text-based does not. It allows emotion, passion, and relatability to move beyond the screen or page. You are welcome into the story. 

Free PDF's Available Now

Instant support for you

and those you care for. 

Let Us Journey With You

Coaching options

Go at your own pace: 

  • 20, pre-recorded sessions

  • All worksheets and processing pages

Introspective guidance to help you personally work through your story, enabling you to take back the pen to your own narrative.  

train with a team: 

  • 6 coaching sessions 

  • Personalized guidance for your cohort

  • All worksheets and processing pages

Live mentorship and coaching to guide

you and your cohort on how to

reclaim your narrative.  


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