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For fifteen years, I have had the honor to lean in and listen to stories of individuals around the country who have shared their struggles with me. This has happened via anonymous letters at youth conferences, firsthand from mentoring junior high, high school, and college-age students. This led me to research the top crisis issues which have affected the lives of so many.

I believe every individual’s story matters. Many people have significant life experiences which have shifted their sense of worth, value, and hope. A message is needed which takes an honest look at suicidal ideation, self-harm, addiction, anxiety, depression, bullying, image matters, and abuse—and offers both inspirational and actionable guidance. This is why I created change your narrative.

change your narrative exists to shift incomplete stories towards truth. This is accomplished through: inspiration, education, & connection. These goals are fleshed out with 70+ books, 250+ resources, and 150+ videos which offer insight, guidance, and directional tools both for individuals who struggle and those who care for them.

We welcome you to our tribe and hope you find the support you need.

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