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Exploring Hard Conversations


Meet Cassandra Smith 

  • 15 year’s mentoring experience

  • Trauma Certified Specialist

  • Author; Speaker

  • Founder - Change Your Narrative 

TEDx Speaking

TEDxCaroiba - March 1st, 2022
The Power of Human to Human Connection 
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The Myth Of Attention Seeking Behavior


I'm Changing It

Taking Back
The Pen

Embracing An 
Entrepreneurial Shift

Turning Back
The Battle At
The Gate

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Audiences will discover: 

  • The power of inspiration, education, and connection; and how to act on all three, today

  • 5 keys to move a story towards restoration

  • 4 “finds” which have the power to change your narrative 

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Audiences will discover: 

  • Educational insight into the issue you face, why learning about it matters, and what to do next

  • How to find your why and find your new

  • Age appropriate tips to unpack the issue and shift towards a new narrative 

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Audiences will discover: 

  • The 2 statements which can redefine your trajectory

  • Identify who is holding the pen to your company's story; and how to take it back

  • The 3 keys to embracing perseverance, allowing you to scale 

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Audiences will discover: 

  • 5 keys to unpacking trauma & how to provide actionable help

  • The distinction between God’s role to restore and our responsibility to act

  • How to guide students to define their identity as victor over victim


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